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The 4 Best Electric Bikes for Cities

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Commuting in a city environment is always a nightmare.

Whether it’s crowded public transport, gridlocked traffic, or costly Uber trips eating away at your bank account, it’s never easy getting from A to B when there are thousands of other people in your way.

But all is not lost! eBikes are the newest player on the block when it comes to travel, and there are some great benefits to them you might not have considered.

They combine all the best parts of riding a bike in the city and cut out a whole lot of sweat-inducing pedaling to sweeten the deal!

We have compiled a list of the 4 best electric bikes on the market to help you get around the urban jungle without all the headaches that usually come with commuting!

4. e-Joe – Epik SE


eJoe Bike

The eJoe Epik SE Electric Folding Bike is a great bike for city living. Its foldable design allows for easy storage in small apartments or in the workplace. Completely folded, it measures 35″ x 24″ x 17″ (89cm x 61cm x 43cm.)

The Epik SE boasts a very respectable 40-mile (64km) range and a 500-watt motor. In addition to this, it has a rear luggage rack which will help you transport cargo that won’t quite fit in a backpack.

The Epik SE comes in four different colors which will definitely help you stand out of the crowd!

Additionally, the Epik SE comes fitted with puncture-resistant tires, 5 levels of pedal assist, and a thumb throttle for when that hill seems just a bit too steep to be bothered with!

The front suspension is a little soft on this bike, so if you’re in a city with a lot of potholes, you might find there are a few uncomfortable bumps along the way if you don’t keep your eyes open, though it will keep you comfortable as long as you avoid any big holes.

The Epik SE is a little on the heavy side, weighing in at 50lbs (22kg) including the battery.

It does come with an in-built handle to help carry the load, but if you have a lot of stairs to contend with, this will definitely be a bit of a workout.

The battery is internal when the bike is in its riding position, but you are able to remove it once it has been folded to help distribute the weight.

Coming in at $1399, it’s in the moderately priced, and it will get you a long way on a single charge if you don’t mind lugging it around with you.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Good Range
  • Decent Luggage Options


  • Bulkier than Average
  • Heavy
  • Soft Suspension

3. Brompton – E-bike M2L


The Brompton Bicycle brand has been well established long before electric bikes were even conceived of. Their electric models emulate the same level of sophistication that their customers have come to expect from their products.

This bike has a max range of 20-45 Miles (30-70km).

By far the Brompton M2L is one of the smallest foldable eBikes on the market, measuring just 22.2” x 23” x 10.6″ (56.5cm x 58.5cm x 27cm).

It achieves this by having relatively small wheels, measuring at just 16″ (40cm), and by folding in 3 locations rather than just a single middle hinge.

It has rear suspension in the form of a compressible rubber section where the rear wheel folds but lacks any dedicated front suspension.

The handlebars do have a small amount of flexibility that helps to cushion minor bumps that you may come across, but any serious potholes or consistently rough road may cause a bit of discomfort in the hand and arms after prolonged use.

This model comes with some extras along with the bike to add to the utility, including a 1.5L pocket for storage in addition to simply holding the battery.

This is easily removable to distribute it’s already lightweight, weighing in at just 36lbs (17kg) including the battery, across two hands.

The M2L has a base model, as well as some extra add-ons that you can buy when you place your order, such as a fast charger and a 20L city bag to help you carry all your extras.

This bike is on the expensive side of the spectrum, coming in at around $3,200 and with the added expense of the extras to get the most out of it, this can be a significant drawback to those who are trying to save money.


  • Reputable Brand
  • Lightweight
  • Very Small Folded


  • Expensive
  • No Front Suspension
  • Extras add to Price

2. Rad Power Bikes – RadRunner 1

Rad Power Bikes

If you need an eBike that will replace any other form of transport you could possibly need, the RadRunner 1 is hard to go past.

The sheer amount of cargo that you can pack onto this thing makes it so much more versatile than any other eBike before it. It has a rear rack that can hold up to 120lbs (54kg) and even more storage can be added onto that!

It has big, beefy tires to keep you moving when you’re laden down with a whole lot of cargo.

The inclusion of a dual leg kickstand will ensure that the bike won’t topple over when you step off it even if you leave all your belongings on it, and adds stability when you are loading and unloading the bike.

This bike really is built to get you, and everything you need to carry, where you need to be. It has a 750W motor to keep you up to speed and on the move.

This bike is great for families as well, with the rear rack being suitable for a children’s seat, or even a second padded seat for an adult.

It has a range of 25-45 miles (40-72km) trending towards the lower end when it is fully loaded up. Given that it is so purpose-built for sturdiness and carrying capacity, this bike isn’t foldable and weighs a very heavy 65lbs (29kg) so it is definitely a factor to consider for those living in high rise structures.

Priced at $1,199, the RadRunner 1 is incredibly well priced but doesn’t skimp on quality in the slightest.

For those living in the city who have reservations over getting an eBike because they’re concerned they can’t carry as much as a car offers, this bike is definitely the solution!


  • Great price
  • Huge cargo capacity
  • Great for families


  • Doesn’t fold
  • Very Heavy
  • Low range when fully loaded

1. VanMoof – S3


The VanMoof S3 is one of the most sophisticated and modern electric bikes on the market. It’s a stylish bike with a whole load of features packed into it, with barely even a hint that it’s an electric bike at all to the casual observer!

This bike is so advanced that it even comes with an app so you can manage all the settings, such as the speeds at which gears change. It also sets the max assisted speed to the legal limit of the country you live in!

The S3 has a 500W motor and a ‘turbo’ feature to help you take off quickly. It also has the benefit of full-sized bike wheels, which make for a smoother ride on rougher roads.

The fully enclosed drivetrain will make sure that your chain stays where it’s supposed to be, no matter what.

The main draw of the VanMoof S3 is the incredible security features. The S3 comes fitted with a magnetic rear wheel lock as well as an alarm and tracking system, all controlled through your phone!

Even better, if you do have your bike stolen VanMoof will send someone to collect it on your behalf.

It weighs 41lbs (19kg) so it’s definitely on the heavy side and even more so if you splash out on the extras, such as a front and rear bag which can carry an additional 55lbs (25kg) of cargo along with you.

It boasts four gears, though the gear switch is automatic without a manual override.

With a max range of a huge 37-93 miles (60-150km) you will definitely be able to get where you’re going and back on a single charge!

At $1,998, it’s a bit of an investment but it is built to last, so it is something that you’ll be able to keep for a very long time.


  • Amazing theft prevention
  • Huge Range
  • Full-sized wheels


  • Heavy 
  • No manual shift
  • Doesn’t fold

Hopefully, these suggestions help you on your journey to finding the perfect electric bike for you! There are so many great products on the market and even more on the horizon as the technology advances.

There has never been a better time to start looking at electric bikes as an alternative form of transport.

There is plenty to learn about eBikes, so make sure to have a look around the site and learn a thing or two about these great vehicles before you rush off to make your first purchase!

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