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The Best Long-Range E-Bikes Capable Of 100 – 200+ Miles Per Charge

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Sick of having to take time out of your vacation to give your e-bike another charge?

We get it.

Luckily, so do several e-bike companies who are now building long-distance electric bikes capable of handling that long commute.

But as great as they are for cutting down on travel time, how far can long-distance electric bikes really go?

The range of an electric bike depends on several factors, but there are now e-bikes capable of achieving anywhere from a 100- 200-mile range in a single charge. Here we’ll introduce you to some of the best 100+ mile range bikes in the world, as well as two revolutionary bikes that are capable o of making a 200+ mile trip in a single charge.    

Keep in mind that any given e-bike’s range will fluctuate based on things such as:

  • The combined weight of the rider and cargo
  • What kind of terrain you’re riding on
  • The speed and level of pedal assistance you choose
  • Weather/wind conditions
  • The age of the battery
  • The size of the bike’s motor
  • Servicing conditions such as tire pressure and battery age

The good news is that if you are looking for an e-bike that can go the distance, several options have already appeared on the market. So let’s take a look at some of the best and check out just how far they can take you.

Optibike R15C Full Carbon Electric Mountain Bike

Price: $13,900

Range: Up to 180 miles/charge

If you’re looking for the granddaddy of all mountain bikes, then look no further than the R15C Mountain Bike from Optibike. This thing takes mountain biking to a whole new level with a top speed of 36 MPH, a Removable 52 Volt 31.5 Ah (1600Wh) Battery, and 190Nm of Torque.

With motocross-style rear suspension, the R15C is ready to help you hit the trails like never before.

Best of all, you can spend hours hitting the hills without having to worry about stopping to recharge.

Photo Courtesy: [Optibike]

As we mentioned above, any bike’s range will vary with speed, but if you’re willing to keep it to 15 MPH, the R15C is capable of taking you up to 180 miles on a single charge.

Even if you want to crank things up to 28 MPH, you’ll still get a good 56 miles before having to slow down.

Just can’t resist the 36 MPH top speed? No worries, you’ll still have 28 miles to play around with before you have to juice up your battery.

Though it’s a pricey option, the R15C is built to last with a carbon fiber frame and swingarm that are more than capable of handling whatever adventure you think of next.

QWIC MN8 Premium

Price: From € 2599 / $3,078.65

Range: Up to 142 miles/charge

When it comes to long-distance electric bikes that are in it for the long haul, Dutch company QWIC has proven that they don’t mess around. Their Premium MN8 e-bike was awarded the best e-bike in the “classic” category by Extra Energy and one look, and it’s specs make it easy to see why.

Photo Courtesy: [Qwic]

The Premium MN8 is outfitted with a Bafang mid-motor, a Shimano Nexus 8 Gear system, and Magura HS22 Brakes. Capable of going 140+ miles between charges, the Premium MN8 is the perfect balance of style and power.

Additional perks include a closed chain guard that’s virtually maintenance-free and a switch sensor that allows riders to shift gears without even pedaling.

The only head’s up to keep in mind is that this is not necessarily a bike for your inner speed demon, as it only goes up to 15.5 MPH.

Raleigh Centros Grand Tour

Price:  £2,850.00 / $3,731.03

Range:  Up to 135 miles/charge

If you’re looking for a sleek bike that’s ready to help you tackle your long commute, then look no further than Raleigh’s Centros Grand Tour e-bike. This European made beauty comes outfitted with a 500WH Bosch battery that’s capable of taking you up to 135 miles in a single charge.

Photo Courtesy: [Raleigh]

Stressing over hills will also be a thing of the past, as the Centros is capable of lending you up to 270% pedal power assistance. Designed with the luxury-loving rider in mind, the Centros also hosts a handlebar-mounted Bosch Intuvia Display screen with easy access to monitors and controls.

Centros riders will also enjoy integrated front and rear lights, a rear-wheel lock, and dual front/seat post suspension.

If you’re looking for a smooth ride with all the bells and whistles, then the Centros should be near the top of the list when it comes to long-distance electric bikes to look into.

FUELL Flluid

Price: $3,895.00

Range: Up to 125 miles/charge

FUELL was founded by a group of partners who were looking to create long-distance electric bikes with the urban rider in mind. Their combined creative powers ultimately gave birth to the Flluid, a stylish e-bike that’s packed with all the features you need to tackle that long commute.

Photo Courtesy: [Fuell]

Flluid comes with two of the largest batteries on the market, both of which lock securely into your frame until you remove them with your key. With five different pedal assistance levels, you can get up to 125 worth of range before having to worry about charging up.

Flluid’s internal geared hub comes complete with a shift sensor that will make worrying about your chain dropping or gears clicking a thing of the past. Then there’s the maintenance-free, silent carbon belt drive that’s guaranteed to make your drive as silent as it is smooth.

DŌST Bikes

Price: $2,799.00

Range: Up to 120 miles/charge

If you’ve looking for a great long-range e-bike for a price that won’t break the bank, then DŌST’s Drop is a reliable option. Like the Flluid, the Drop utilizes a dual battery system and includes two 1200Wh batteries capable of an impressive 120-mile range.

Unlike some long-distance electric bikes which sacrifice speed for range, the Drop is capable of a full 28MPH. It also comes complete with a high-performance 750W mid-drive motor with 120nM of torque.

Photo Courtesy: [Dostbikes]

One of the things that set the Drop apart, however, is its versatility.

While it’s an excellent choice for the commuting, it’s also outfitted with puncture protective tires, a sturdy rear rack, and reflective sidewalls. Whether you’re on a grocery errand or riding trails on the weekend, the Drop has all the features you need to make for a great ride.

Delfast Prime 2.0

Price: $5,599.00

Range: Up to 245 miles/charge

Long-distance electric bikes everywhere, behold your king. Delfast broke the Guinness world record for the longest-range commercial e-bike in 2017 with a bike capable of making a 228 mile trip on a single charge.

Since then, they’ve taken the game up yet another notch with the Delfast Prime 2.0, which offers a staggering range of 245 miles per charge. With a max speed of 28MPH, this 132-pound beauty is as close to you can get to a motorcycle without sacrificing the pedals.

Photo Courtesy: [Delfastbikes]

Equipped with excellent weight distribution and maneuverability, it’s the perfect choice for even the longest of long commutes. Not only does it look super cool, but it also comes outfitted with features like GPS security tracking, front and rear lights, a rear-wheel immobilizer, and an alarm system with motion sensors.

Though it may not be the least pricey purchase, it’s revolutionary range capacity, customization options, and durability make it clear that this is a bike built to last.


Price: £2,397 / $3,136.56

Range: Up to 215 miles/charge

London-based start-up WAU has quickly distinguished itself when it comes to getting more distance for your dollar. The WAU X offers three different built-in Samsung Lithium-ion power battery options, the highest of which (1980Wh) provides a range of up to 215 miles.

The WAU X is powered by a 250W rear hub motor, which can be monitored at all times from an upgraded e-bike display. The sensor is also equipped with a color interface, automatic service notifications, speed monitor, and automatic light sensor.

Photo Courtesy: [WAU Bike/Facebook]

The WAU X also makes it easy to make sure you’ve seen on night rides with high output LED Superlights and rear lights. Security will never be an issue either, as the bike comes with an anti-tamper bike alarm and a built-in GPS that allows you to track your bike with the tap of an app on your smartphone.

The one downside is that WAU is still new enough to the game that if you want to buy one of their bikes, you’ll currently have to go to the UK to do it.

That said, WAU seems to be gaining traction fast and is a company to keep an eye on, even if you don’t happen to live in their delivery range just yet.

Got a friend you dream of e-bike road-tripping alongside? Be sure to share the info you learned here to help bring them one step closer to long-distance biking bliss!

And as always, feel free to shoot us a comment or reach out with any other questions you may have.

In the meantime, check out our other articles to find answers to questions like: How fast can electric bikes go? and What’s the difference between an electric bike and a moped?

Until next time, happy pedaling!

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